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Did you know?

The stocks of Apple (Apple Inc) has risen 1016% within 10 years.

The stocks of Tencent Inc (Tencent Holdings Ltd) has risen 2007% within 10 years.

MyEG Service Bhd, an E-Government company in Malaysia, has its stocks risen by more than 3478% within 10 years.

They are all “super growth stocks”

Just imagine,

If you can buy “super growth stocks”?


If you find a “super growth stock” simply through 3 effective steps?


If an experienced team assist and support you find “super growth stocks”?

Now you don’t have to imagine, Whether you have experience or not, “Growth Investing Strategy Masterclass” will make all come true through the new interactive learning mode.
Why growth stocks?

The growth stocks have huge future development potential with an aggressive profit growth rate. The average share price growth rate could reach 30% to 50% annually.

An outstanding growth stocks not only withstand the volatility of the market, but also has an amazing long term sustainable growth!
To hold the super growth stocks, you can enjoy the long-term alternative income.

As the company grows, the company’s share price will increase.
If you manage to buy it in the company’s golden growth stage, your return of investment will be in multiples.

For example: Digi, Spritzer, Gdex, Topglov, HupSeng.

In the process of economic development, the emerging industries and good listed company will become the target of growth investment!

Growth Investing Strategy Masterclass
Founder of GrandPine Capital

Mr. Lee Yon Onn

Manager of China Fortune One Private Equity
Pioneer of Malaysia’s investment education
The author of the famous investment book “Make Money in Malaysia Stock Market”

Chief Coach of GrandPine Capital

Mr. Alfred Chen

Highly sought Investment Speaker
Co-founder of GrandPine Capital China
Expert of national investment education
The leading speaker of the popular talk “谈股论金”
15 years coaching experience for over 3000 members

GrandPine Capital’s strategic consultant

Mr. Gan Min Soo

Famous investment speaker
Supervising Commissioner of the Fund Management department, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)
Former fund manager of Maybank
Former investment director of Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA)

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