Why choose “Growth Investing Strategy Masterclass”?

GrandPine’s coaching methodology can calm and ease your investment process, it helps you to have the clear investing goal and make composed decision, along with a steady emotion regardless the volatile.

1. An education platform with the largest member base in Malaysia

Over 5000 professionals from all industries in Malaysia.
Our direct collection and provision of first-hand information.
The more reliable information allows you to take the lead in the stock market.

2. You will always be supported and guided in your investing journey

“Some of the GrandPine seniors are very professional! They answer my question very in details and with enthusiasm.” — GrandPine member, K.S Chua

The support and guidance you get come from our well-trained members, responsible coaches and professional research team.

3. Investment strategy that APPROPRATE to retail investors

In the past 14 years, we have not only seized the investment method proven to be effective, but also have an interaction with retail investors zealously. Retail investors only need 2 phrases and 4 evaluation models to implement “what to buy” and “when to buy” action on the growth stocks. Now, the investors can manage their investment faster and more effectively.

4. investment method was tried and tested to be effective

Philip Fisher has spent 70 years of investment career on the growth investment, which prompted a 30 times increase of his investment on Texas Instruments from 1955 to 1965.
The Growth Investment has lead GrandPine Capital to discover that the E-Government company MyEG has risen 13.3 times by far.

5. 14 years’ professional investment education experience

Our experience allows us to understand the challenges you face,
Through a new interactive learning mode, we made advanced theory simple for you.
In the past 14 years, we have been focusing on the professional retail investor education, we highly value the transfer of knowledge; the effectiveness of the method and the discovery of opportunities.

6.Gold class professional coaching team

In GrandPine, you will be hand-guided by our global standard coaches. In the past 14 consecutive years, GrandPine coaches have insisted in offering trainings for our members on every Friday for 52 weeks per year.


14 years of experience




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01) How to pick a good stock? Identify the key of growth for each stock.

A mind map to make members better understand the formulae of selecting stocks with growth potential. Three simple steps that lead you to produce a ``risk and reward assessment report``.

02) The fair value for stocks? How much the amount should I invest for each stock?

Different investment strategy for bull or bear markets. 14 years of coaching experience allows us to successfully launch a set of procedures that can simplify your approach, so as to buy low and sell high.

03) How to manage the stocks on hand? When to sell stocks? When to buy stocks? When to hold the stocks?

The system will alert the members with a signal appear when an action of buying or selling is necessary, with the technical analysis and the assistance of Algobox™. By another 3 standard operating procedures, the buyers can easily identify whether it is a good timing for trading.